Forms and terms of examination 

To complete a course you have to carry out the project and elaborate documentation on how you did it.

The project is to record a short movie, publish it on the Internet and disseminate. Feel free to choose the topic and form of the movie. Be creative but also make the work on project to be a fun for you. 

Project is realized by teams of 4-5 person. Group has to choose its project leader, who is responsible for sharing the work among team members and control the progress of work. Also the leader will assess students afterwards.

The main task is to document all the work performed on the project. All the issues that have to be covered are listed below along with number of points to score.

Project documentation content 



Project objectives and parametrs

Description of project objectives, deliverables and parametrs (cost, scope and time).


Team organization

Structure of project, responsibilities of project team members


Work Breakdown Structure

Scope of work in project decomposed hierarchically into work packages.



Schedule of work packages in project, network diagram, critical path, defining milestones



List of resources and parametrs of those resources.
Resources allocation plan, Resource usage schedule



Project cost estimation, task cost in project, resource cost in project


Change management

Description of how process of making changes is incorporated into the project structure.


Risk management

Project Risk management is the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks to minimize, monitor, and control the probability andc/or impact of unfortunate events in project.



Description of how project communications will occur. Plan of communication includes objectives, audience, content, method and frequency of communication.



Documentation should be presented in form of:

  1. Presentation – max 15 minutes about your project.
  2. Printed document – cover following issues: Project objectives and parameters, Team organization, Change management, Risk management, Quality management, Communication.
  3. MS Project fileWork Breakdown Structure, Project Schedule, Resources, Costs (Labour).

Issues will be evaluated and the scored points summed up. Number of points obtained by team is divided among members by project leader. Points are converted to the grade for the course. For example 4 pts equal grade 4,0 (good)